Yamaha Jet Ski 1996 1100 Wave Raider, Engine Flywheel 63M-85550-01-00

Sale price$49.85
This Yamaha 63M-85550-01-00 ROTOR ASSY fits:

Yamaha Boat 1996 EXCITER - EXT1100U Generator

Yamaha Boat 1997 EXCITER - EXT1100V Generator

Yamaha Boat 1998 EXCITER 220 - EXT1100W Generator

Yamaha WaveRunner 1995 WAVE RAIDER 1100 - RA1100T Generator

Yamaha WaveRunner 1996 WAVE RAIDER 1100 - RA1100U Generator

Yamaha WaveRunner 1996 WAVE VENTURE 1100 - WVT1100U Generator

Yamaha WaveRunner 1997 WAVE VENTURE 1100 - WVT1100V Generator

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