Yamaha 2002 GP800R Oil Pump Injection Injector Meter XLT800 GP800 XL800 11-4-21

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Yamaha 66E-13200-02-00 OIL INJECTION PUMP
2000 GP800 - GP800Y OIL PUMP
2000 WAVERUNNER (Metallic Marine Silver) - XL800Y OIL PUMP
2000 XL800 - XA800Y OIL PUMP
2001 GP800R - GP800AZ OIL PUMP
2001 XL800 - XA800Z OIL PUMP
2002 GP800R - GP800AA OIL PUMP
2002 XLT800 - XA800AA OIL PUMP
2003 GP800R - GP800AB OIL PUMP
2003 XLT800 - XA800AB OIL PUMP
2004 GP800R - GP800AC OIL PUMP
2004 XLT800 - XA800AC OIL PUMP
2005 WaveRunner GP800R - GP800AD OIL PUMP

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