Polaris Resonator w hose Silencer #3 2000-2002 Virage TX TXI 2003 2004 MSX140

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This Item Also Fits these models Listed Below from Polaris Fitment Chart.

2000     VIRAGE TX    W005199D    EXHAUST SYSTEM - W005199D (4955825582B007)    5433629
2000     INT'L VIRAGE TX    W005199I    EXHAUST SYSTEM - W005199D (4955825582B007)    5433629

2001     VIRAGE TXI    W015198D    EXHAUST SYSTEM - W015198D (4964846484B003)    5433629
2001     INT'L VIRAGE TXI    W015198I    EXHAUST SYSTEM - W015198D (4964846484B003)    5433629
2001     VIRAGE TX    W015199D    EXHAUST SYSTEM - W015199D (4964836483B005)    5433629
2001     INT'L VIRAGE TX    W015199I    EXHAUST SYSTEM - W015199D (4964836483B005)    5433629

2002     VIRAGE TX    W025199D    EXHAUST SYSTEM - W025199D/W025199I (4971327132B05)    5433629
2002     VIRAGE TXI    W025198C    EXHAUST SYSTEM - W025198C/D/I (4971357135B03)    5433629
2002     VIRAGE TXI    W025198D    EXHAUST SYSTEM - W025198C/D/I (4971357135B03)    5433629
2002     INT'L VIRAGE TXI    W025198I    EXHAUST SYSTEM - W025198C/D/I (4971357135B03)    5433629
2002     INT'L VIRAGE TX    W025199I    EXHAUST SYSTEM - W025199D/W025199I (4971327132B05)    5433629

2003     MSX 140    W035303CA/CB/IA/IB    EXHAUST SYSTEM - W035303CA/CB/IA/IB (4981068106B06)    5434966

2004     MSX 140    W045303CA/IA    EXHAUST SYSTEM - W045303CA/IA (4990539053B06)    5434966


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