K879-032 STX-900 ' 18049-3753 PIPE, EXHAUST

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This Kawasaki 18049-3753 PIPE, EXHAUST is used on these models and components:

1995 JH750-C1 750 ZXi MUFFLER(S)

1995 JH900-A1 900 ZXi MUFFLER(S)

1996 JH750-C2 750 ZXi MUFFLER(S)

1996 JH900-A2 900 ZXi MUFFLER(S)

1997 JH750-C3 750 ZXi MUFFLER(S)

1997 JH900-A3 900 ZXi MUFFLER(S)

1999 JT900-B1 900 STX MUFFLER(S)

2000 JT900-B2 900 STX MUFFLER(S)

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