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Why You Should Consider Buying refurbished Salvaged jet ski Parts Instead of New - PWC Parts Yard Refurbished Salvage Jet Ski Parts


There is a common misperception by many pwc owners that all used oem salvaged watercraft parts are of less quality and viability than new & aftermarket parts. In fact, many owners will spend hundreds of dollars to buy new parts directly from the dealer to avoid what they believe is an extra hassle associated with purchasing used or nos parts. This perception can cost you more money than is necessary. Furthermore, aftermarket parts built for your jet ski may not perform any better than getting an original manufactured refurbished part from a salvage yard or parts dealer. In most cases, these oem parts have plenty of life left in them and are made of better quality materials.


Junkyard Doesn’t Mean Junk!

Unless a craft was obliterated in a fire or explosion, there are still several usable parts left on it. For instance, if a seadoo hits a rock in the front and deemed ‘totalled’ by an insurance company, we can still salvage many of the internal components and external parts from the rest of the vehicle. These are parts that weren’t damaged or worn out. You can still get plenty of hours from them without spending too much money on new parts. Just because you purchase a part from a junkyard doesn’t mean that it’s a piece of junk.


How Much Money Can Salvaged Parts Save You?

The big question with jet ski parts is cost versus performance. In other words, will how much you pay for a part be worth what you get out of it. In some cases, buying new parts is the best option. In most cases, however, purchasing used parts from a salvage yard like will be worth the investment. We check each part for quality and ensure that you’re getting your money’s worth. You can save 50% to 75% on most parts and still get the performance you need for your jet ski.


You Help The Environment and Stimulate Local Economy

There are some fringe benefits to purchasing used personal watercraft parts. First, you’re helping the environment. Installing a used part on your craft reduces manufacturing and recycling costs. Second, you’re supporting the local economy. Local companies like can find the right used parts for your personal water craft at half the cost. This is a better alternative to purchasing parts from dealerships with high markup prices. is New Jerseys’ Most Trusted Salvage Yard

If you’re looking for used engine crank cases, display gauge, electronics, carburetors or other components, visit We have a wide selection of parts for Yamaha, Seadoo, Kawasaki and Polaris. We serve pwc enthusiast in New Jersey and worldwide. Are you having a hard time finding your vintage parts locally? Send us a text with an image of the part to 201-305-9378 and we will do our best to source it. You can also message us from the chat feature on our website.

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