Understanding the Current Output of the Kawasaki 750 SS XI Stator

The stator in a Kawasaki 750 SS XI jet ski is crucial for generating power, but its output can fluctuate due to various factors, including engine RPM and the electrical load. Typically, the stator produces an alternating current (AC), meaning the current continually changes direction.

At idle speed, you can expect the stator to generate approximately 10-15 amps AC, increasing to about 20-25 amps AC at full throttle. However, these figures are general estimates. The actual output may differ based on factors such as the stator’s age, its condition, and the existing electrical load.

For the most precise and reliable data regarding your stator's current output, always consult the manufacturer’s specifications or seek advice from a professional. This ensures your jet ski maintains optimal electrical performance and safety.

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