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Understanding the Differences Between OEM, Aftermarket, and Genuine Parts for Your PWC

When visiting a salvage yard for parts, you might be asked whether you prefer OEM, aftermarket, or genuine parts. Each type has its nuances, often leading to significant quality differences. At PWC Parts Yard, we carry a comprehensive range of salvage jet ski parts, ensuring we likely have the specific component you need.

Do PWC Manufacturers Make Their Own Parts?

Gone are the days when manufacturers produced every part of their vehicles. Nowadays, most manufacturers outsource to specialized companies, ensuring parts are made cost-effectively without sacrificing quality.

Exploring the Types of PWC Parts

Parts for personal watercraft (PWC) are categorized based on their origin or purchase context:

  • Genuine Parts: These are the original parts installed when your watercraft was manufactured. Despite being more expensive due to branding, genuine parts aren't necessarily superior to OEM or aftermarket options.

  • OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) Parts: Made by the original part manufacturers for PWC brands, OEM parts are identical to your watercraft's original components, minus the brand logo. They offer the same reliability as genuine parts but at better value.

  • Aftermarket Parts: Created after the watercraft's manufacture, these parts are produced by companies that have acquired the rights to do so. While they might not always resemble OEM or genuine parts, they are dependable and fulfill the necessary functions.

PWC Parts Yard: Your One-Stop Shop for PWC Parts

No matter what type of part you need, PWC Parts Yard is ready to assist. We boast a vast inventory of used parts. For quick and easy searches, visit our website and use our visual search tool, or contact us directly at 201-305-9378. You can also reach out via our website chat feature at Offering used jet ski parts locally in New Jersey and globally, we're here to ensure you find exactly what you need.

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